Any Dog Agility Course Anywhere

The AC Master app lets you organize your course maps so they are easy to find.

Set up any course in your favorite spaces with just your phone or tablet!

Works directly from course map images or even photos!

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Helpful for ALL


Need a course for practice? Tired of sorting through piles of maps?

Save course maps from photos and Social Media. Use favorites or tags to quickly find sequences to train at home.

Only have a small space?

Rotate and move the interesting parts of the map to fit your place.

Setup International courses?

AC Master automatically converts meters to feet and feet to meters.

Clubs / Judges

Facility, ring, or course map dimensions different than expected?

Need to rotate or "tweak" a course up/down or left/right? Avoid a post?

Origin in the wrong place?

With AC Master:

  • Just snap a photo of the course map.
  • Change the origin, rotate, or move the map to fit in your place.
  • Tap on obstacles in the app to get their new locations!


Run at a trial or see a course online you'd like to use for classes? Track challenges emailed/texted/messaged by students?

Save the image or take a photo and tag it with your class/seminar name. Find maps easily by tags!

Want to set up all or part of a course in multiple places?

Create a place for each location you teach at. Then layout any map in any place.

Three Concepts Make It All Happen


Any location where you set up your agility equipment for a full course or just part of a course. Your yard, club, or favorite training facilities.


Course map images and even photos with their stats and your own tags, notes, and categories to make finding any map easy!


A Map arranged/rotated to fit in a Place. AC Master scales Maps to Places so you set the obstacles up precisely. Tap on any obstacle to get it's location in your place.


  • Any location where you'll layout a course map.
  • Set it's width/height in feet or meters.
  • You decide the origin (0, 0) location.
  • Create as many Places as you like.
  • Create them once and re-use them with just a click.
  • Update the dimensions or origin and your Layouts are instantly adjusted.


  • Import course map images from social media, web sites, email, and photos.
  • Set width/height in feet or meters.
  • Image cropping for accurate layouts..
  • Organize maps multiple ways to fit your needs:
    • Define your own tag words and mark favorite courses.
    • Optionally enter: organization, level, club, location, judge, designer, date, notes.
    • Copy Maps and replace images to quickly add courses for a whole trial weekend.
  • Instant access with search, filters, and favorites.
  • Layout a Map in any Place with just a tap.


Smart Scaling

AC Master automatically scales metric Maps to Places in feet and vice versa.

Easy Positioning

Drag and rotate Maps to fit in your selected Place.

Exact Control

Buttons to fine tune your Map's location and rotation.

Small Spaces

Fit parts of large courses into your small space.

Accurate Obstacle Locations

Tap to get X and Y positions in your Place's coordinate system.

Precise Rotations

Tap on each end of obstacles to get their locations.

Zoom In/Out

Easily see obstacles/locations even on small phone displays.

Configurable View

Toggle grid/numbers on/off and lock device rotation.

Get the AC Master you need


  • Maps, Layouts, Places all stored on your device
  • No network needed - works in the field (literally!)
  • Save map diagrams/photos
  • Smart Map Scaling
  • Save and find Maps by tags, favorites, organization, class, type, etc.
  • Add unusable areas to your Places


  • Designed for Agility Trainers, Clubs, & Organizations
  • Securely publish courses/exercises to students
  • Maps only visible to subscribed students
  • Multiple courses/student groups
  • Subscription & fee management
  • Students use AC Master Starters to easily setup sequences in their practice Place.
  • Premium Support
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